Feng Shui tips for living rooms/common areas

For many people, the living room is the main feature of their house. It is where any guests people have will be entertained but also where people like to relax and recharge. So it is important that the room looks good and has a relaxing feel to it. And there is a way to make any room flow nicely and have that relaxed feel to it, and that is to follow these easy feng shui tips.

Over ten thousand years old, feng shui is an ancient art of the Chinese, and something which has found popularity all over the world. The principal behind it is really simple. There is believed to be a constant flow of energy in nature, both positive and negative. Obviously, you do not want the negative energy, and by arranging the furniture of a room in a specific way, you can turn this into positive energy.

As the sitting room is where the family will spend time together there is bound to be a lot of furniture. This can make it difficult to position everything correctly, but it is worth doing it. When a room has good, balanced energy, everyone who spends time in it will benefit from good health, a happy life and good fortune with money.

First of all, the living room should always be on the ground floor. And preferably, it should not be visible from the main door of the home. The personal rooms such as the living room and bedrooms should be as far away from the main door as possible. But these things are almost impossible to change after a house has been built.

One thing a rooms layout can affect is a person wealth. In particular, it is the left side of a room from the entrance that has this energy. If you have another door in this area there is negative energy. Your money can escape through this door. But there is a way to change this. To bring positive energy to this area, place a large plant there and make sure to keep it in good health.

The first thing about the position of your furniture is that it should allow easy access to all parts of the room, with no obstacles. Next, you want all the seats in the room to have their backs facing the windows or the main door, and close to or against the walls. If you have two coaches do not have them facing each other. This is thought to cause stress between two guests who do not know each other. The best way is to have them in an l shape.

Your decorations do not have to come from a swanky Manhattan shop or an upscale boutique, but they should be in good condition and be things you love. Don’t make a space look too cluttered with tons of decorations – keep it simple and clean.

It is also advised not to place any seats under the beams that run along the ceiling. This is again to do with wealth. It’s thought to put pressure on the money makers of the household.

These tips should give you the help you need to correctly position your furniture and create positive energy. And if done correctly, this energy will provide health and happiness for you and your family for now and in the future.





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