Feng Shui tips for living rooms/common areas

For many people, the living room is the main feature of their house. It is where any guests people have will be entertained but also where people like to relax and recharge. So it is important that the room looks good and has a relaxing feel to it. And there is a way to make any room flow nicely and have that relaxed feel to it, and that is to follow these easy feng shui tips.

Over ten thousand years old, feng shui is an ancient art of the Chinese, and something which has found popularity all over the world. The principal behind it is really simple. There is believed to be a constant flow of energy in nature, both positive and negative. Obviously, you do not want the negative energy, and by arranging the furniture of a room in a specific way, you can turn this into positive energy.

As the sitting room is where the family will spend time together there is bound to be a lot of furniture. This can make it difficult to position everything correctly, but it is worth doing it. When a room has good, balanced energy, everyone who spends time in it will benefit from good health, a happy life and good fortune with money.

First of all, the living room should always be on the ground floor. And preferably, it should not be visible from the main door of the home. The personal rooms such as the living room and bedrooms should be as far away from the main door as possible. But these things are almost impossible to change after a house has been built.

One thing a rooms layout can affect is a person wealth. In particular, it is the left side of a room from the entrance that has this energy. If you have another door in this area there is negative energy. Your money can escape through this door. But there is a way to change this. To bring positive energy to this area, place a large plant there and make sure to keep it in good health.

The first thing about the position of your furniture is that it should allow easy access to all parts of the room, with no obstacles. Next, you want all the seats in the room to have their backs facing the windows or the main door, and close to or against the walls. If you have two coaches do not have them facing each other. This is thought to cause stress between two guests who do not know each other. The best way is to have them in an l shape.

Your decorations do not have to come from a swanky Manhattan shop or an upscale boutique, but they should be in good condition and be things you love. Don’t make a space look too cluttered with tons of decorations – keep it simple and clean.

It is also advised not to place any seats under the beams that run along the ceiling. This is again to do with wealth. It’s thought to put pressure on the money makers of the household.

These tips should give you the help you need to correctly position your furniture and create positive energy. And if done correctly, this energy will provide health and happiness for you and your family for now and in the future.





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Why Feng Shui is Effective

When feng shui is used to enhance the positive energy, the mind is likely to create a more positive picture of what you want, and this will attract that to you. But how does one go about achieving a feng shui mindset? It starts with the home.

To be effective, there must be changes in the home so that energy can freely flow around the home and in your life. Cleaning your living space is the best way to start this. Clutter is the main cause of blocking energies and restricting its movements. It is important to have a clean home, to let the light in, to get rid of anything not needed, and to be organized.

Preparing the mind takes positive thinking.

People that put their energy into thinking about what they don’t want in their life seem always to end up attracting exactly that: what they don’t want. When going after a promotion at work, for example, believing that you won’t get it or that someone else is going to it instead of you attracts what you don’t want. You give your energy away by focusing on what you don’t desire, and in the end, that may mean giving that promotion away too.

It takes clear focus to prepare the mind to think positive and to have a positive mindset.

Having a clear, specific, and detailed image in the mind of your goal is needed. If you want that promotion, create a specific image in your mind on that promotion, what it means to you and imagine yourself accepting that promotion. With time this picture will become crystal clear, and that is the only focus you should have to channel all your energy into that image.

Creating a harmony between your desires and your energy is a must.

The imagination plays a major part in this as you are then visualizing yourself getting the promotion and letting yourself feel how you would feel once you got that promotion. If you feel as if you already have it, you create an energy that vibrates into the universe so that it can be attracted back to you. The more you allow yourself to feel like you would feel once you get the promotion, the more you can be a magnet to attract it.

As you would clean your home up of clutter, there are times when the mind needs to be cleaned up too. Mind clutter interferes with what one wants; self-limiting beliefs can block one from getting their desires. It can take some soul searching to discover what holds you back. Instead of always thinking that you can’t have what you want, you need to start telling yourself you will have what you want. Getting rid of that mental clutter removes all the negative energy.

Final Word on Why Feng Shui is Effective

Feng Shui is something that needs to be worked on everyday so that the energy flows to make good things happen in life. By staying positive, it helps to expand the flow of energy into all areas of your life, especially where you need it most. The intuitive action is very important, but so is the power of intention. Expecting to receive your desires takes action, using feng shui helps you to take that action.

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Basic Principles behind Feng Shui

Understand Feng Shui at even a basic level and begin to organize your environment accordingly and you will soon start seeing positive results. Feng Shui is extensively used in both homes and offices all over the world, particularly in China and South East Asia (and increasingly in the West) because of this. Appropriate use of colors, materials, and objects according to Feng Shui principles can improve the energy flow in your home or office, encouraging healthy activity and improved fortune.

The Basic Principles Behind Feng Shui

Feng Shui Principles are and always have been an important, even integral, feature in the design, construction and location of buildings in China. If you are in the process of changing your location, you should consider these principles when evaluating or compare potential sites.

The South and Fire

Fire is Associated With the South Sector of Rooms and Dwellings and the Red Bird. Objects and motifs for design and placement include: candles, lamps, incense, heating appliances, fireplaces, stoves, sun-bursts and Sun images generally, animals, birds, children, wool, leather goods, feathers; pictures of fire, people, and animals.

Ideally, the main living room or working area and entrance should face South. This is the location of the ‘Red Bird,’ the Sun at its mid-day height and the direction of maximum light and warmth. A large window and a clear Southern aspect can help produce a welcoming ‘Ming Tang’ or ‘Bright Hall’ effect.

North and Water

Water is Associated with the North-West Sector of Rooms and Dwellings and the Black Warrior. Objects and motifs for design and placement include glass, stained glass, crystal, aquaria, seascapes roads, lakes, and waterfalls.

The intriguing composite symbol comprising a snake coiled around a tortoise called the ‘Black Warrior’ represents Feng Shui goals in this direction. Cold Northerly winds spring from here and the steep hills behind you, providing shelter (the tortoise) can make a real difference, particularly in Winter. North-facing windows and doors should be much smaller to reduce the effects of such inclement weather.

West and Metal

Metal is Associated With the North-West and West of Dwellings and the White Tiger. Objects and motifs for ideal design and placement include metal objects, mirrors, quartz crystals and diamonds, bells, coins/money, swords, jewelry made of precious metals, pictures of metal objects.

Lower and gently rising hills here help shelter buildings from the ‘White Tiger’ the powerful Westerlies sweeping in (in the case of the U.K) from the Atlantic Ocean and (in China) from the Himalayas. This can be an ideal location for out-buildings and garages.

East and Wood

Wood is Associated with the East and South-East Sectors of Rooms and Dwellings and the Green Dragon. Objects and motifs for design and placement include Chinese (not Western) dragons, flowers, plants, trees, wood furniture, wood crafts, wicker chairs, rattan mats, cloth, paper, and paintings depicting nature.

Other hills, slightly higher than those in the West, covered with growing things, represents an ideal Green Dragon location.


You can apply these basic principles behind Feng Shui to your choice of home location, garden-layout and most famously to your house, flat or room’s interior. The interior of dwellings contains furniture and objects directly linked to these. Similarly, their colors and of the interior’s decoration in general (including paint-work, carpets, curtains, and wall-paper) can be related to the basic elements and organized to facilitate a beneficial and healthy Qi-flow throughout.


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